100+ Exotic Dog Names

If you are looking for an exotic name for your cute puppy, then this article has many good options for all tastes. Good luck!

Delightful Exotic Dog Names

  • Ande: It’s a Swedish word that means ‘spirit.’
  • Xylona: This Greek word defines someone belonging to the forest.
  • Doogle
  • Umika: A Japanese word that stands for ‘the ocean’s fragrance.’
  • Aldis: An exotic name of English origin.
  • Alistair: Greek word that means ‘protector of men.’
  • Morgandy: It’s a Celtic name that means ‘a little one from the sea’s edge.’
  • Orlando: A famous character from Shakespeare’s play.
  • Gev: It’s a Persian word that means ‘warrior.’
  • Kiara: It means ‘something pure.’ It originated in Scandinavia.
  • Rosabel: This nature-inspired Latin name means ‘beautiful flower.’
  • Daria: It means ‘rich.’
  • Drake: It stands for ‘dragon’ in English.
  • Valdis: A Norse name.
  • Apollo: Name of A Greek god.
  • Tira: A Hebrew word that means ‘camping.’
  • Wanniya: An Amharic word indicating courage and spirit.
  • Tashina: This name is perfect for someone who is born on Christmas.
  • Leonardo: The name means ‘bold’ or ‘lion.’
  • Ramesses: Name inspired by the Egyptian pharaoh.
  • Harper: A British word that stands for ‘a harpist and minstrel.’
  • Sumo: A name inspired by sumo wrestling.
  • Hercules: Greek demi-god.
  • Mathias: A Scandinavian name that means ‘gift of God.’
  • Dalmar: A person good at English.
  • Ares: Greek war god.
  • Rahana: This name means ‘sweet basil.’
  • Keiko: A Japanese word that means ‘blessing.’
  • Benison: An English word that means ‘blessing.’
  • Atlas: Famous Titan from the Greek mythology.
  • Parker: Of British origin, it means a park keeper.
  • Maya: Daughter of Atlas, a mythological character.
  • Fonzell: A Latin word that means ‘ready to fight.’
  • Ziva: Of Hebrew origin, this name carries the meaning of ‘splendor’ or ‘brilliance.’
  • Yolanna: It means ‘violent hue.’
  • Givenchy: You can name your canine after this French designer.
  • Lilja: Of Icelandic origin, it means ‘lily.’
  • Surya: It’s a Hindi word that stands for the sun.
  • Aramis: The third musketeer.
  • Alam: Mayan word that means ‘Jaguar.’
  • Burton: An English word that means ‘from the fortress.’
  • Keely: This name means beauty. This moniker has an Irish and Celtic origin.
  • Sheela: A word of Hindi origin that means ‘kind.’
  • Dali: World renown Spanish artist.
  • Shanay: It is a word that defines ‘God’s graciousness.’
  • Tawney: An Irish name that stands for ‘a green field.’
  • Kellan: An African name that means ‘powerful.’
  • Octavius: A Latin name that means ‘eight.’
  • Layla: A word of Arabic origin that stands for ‘night beauty.’
  • Zelphia: A word that means ‘wise.’
  • Hamlin: Of German origin, this name means ‘to love your house.’
  • Nova: This name has two origins—Native American (means the one who chases butterfly) and Latin (means new).
  • Rayna: This Hebrew word means ‘song of the Lord’.
  • Theola: Teutonic word that means ‘ruler.’
  • Lootus: An Estonian word that means ‘the bringer of hope.’
  • Bron: A Dutch word that means ‘spring.’
  • Toshi: It’s a Tibetan term that means ‘auspicious.’
  • Rhamah: A Swahili word that stands for ‘sweetness.’
  • Thirza: It stands for ‘divine.’
  • Eldon: A word of English origin, it means ‘old farm.’
  • Westina: An English word that means ‘the western village.’
  • Luna: The moon
  • Aesop: Greek fable writer.
  • Arsenic: ‘Poison.’
  • Terra: This Latin word stands for ‘the earth.’
  • Gaspar: ‘Treasure keeper.’
  • Rosalba: It is the Spanish word for white rose.
  • Costello: An English word that means “son of Oisdealbhach.”
  • Kenyatta: Kenyan word that means ‘musician.’
  • Rocco: A short and punchy name, it is inspired by the Italian word ‘rock.’ It stands for something tough and long-lasting.
  • Ada: ‘beauty.’
  • Porthos: The other musketeer
  • Airlia: A Greek word that means ‘eternal.’
  • Dymond: A town located in Ontario.
  • Adrian: Derived from the Latin word ‘Hadrianus.’
  • Aviana: It means ‘beauty.’
  • Magnus: It is a Danish word that means ‘great.’
  • Rex: It’s the Latin word for ‘king.’
  • Vallita: A Finnish word that means ‘to rule.’
  • Raviro: Of Shona origin, the word means ‘gift of God.’
  • Hasiin: It means ‘hope,’ and it’s a word of Navajo origin.
  • Vladimir: Well-known Slavic name.
  • Rama: A Hebrew word that defines something as ‘exalted.’
  • Lola: It’s a Spanish name that means ‘strong woman.’
  • Guven: Turkish word that means ‘trust.’
  • Trixie: It means ‘fun-loving.’
  • Ivan: A Russian name that means ‘God is gracious.’
  • Adel: German name that means ‘noble.’
  • Adonis: The name of a Phoenician god; references are also found in Greek history.
  • Noam: A Hebrew word that means ‘pleasant man.’
  • Phantom: A name derived from the Phantom of the Opera.
  • Yamini: A Hindi word that means ‘night.’
  • Genghis: Derived from Genghis Khan.
  • Norvin: It means ‘friend from the north.’
  • Athos: One of the three musketeers.
  • Einar: Of Scandinavian origin, it means ‘warrior.’
  • Kenzo: A word of Japanese origin; it defines someone as strong and intelligent.
  • Brayden: Celtic word that stands for ‘brave.’
  • Serilda: This Teutonic name means ‘a woman warrior.’
  • Lakota: This Native American word means ‘friend.’
  • Basil: An herb widely used in Italian foods.

Majestic Exotic Dog Names

  • Dafina: Swahili word that means ‘precious.’
  • Winona: It’s a German name that means ‘firstborn daughter.’
  • Pirro: It means ‘red-haired.’
  • Sarita: It’s a Hindi word that means river.
  • Hades: Underworld king in Greek mythology.
  • Siona: This Hebrew word means ‘at the height of something.’
  • Aurora: Inspired by the otherworldly aurora borealis
  • Syndy: A word that means ‘light.’
  • Stalene: It means ‘bright like a star.’
  • Wallaby: A small, kangaroo-like creature.
  • Francoise: A French name that stands for ‘free.’
  • Caesar: Derived from Julius Caesar.
  • Rochana: A Hindi word that defines ‘beauty.’
  • Talitha: An Aramaic word that means ‘a child’ or ‘a maiden.’
  • Taiyo: A Japanese word that means ‘sun.’
  • Cruz: Latino word that means ‘cross.’
  • Saundra: This Scottish word means ‘defender of mankind.’
  • Hokama: Of Cree origin, it means ‘guide.’
  • Aysel: A Turkish word that means ‘moonlight.’
  • Venetia: This word stands for the city of canals in Italy.
  • Elise: A spiritual word that means ‘oath of God.’
  • Bryson: Of Welsh origin, this word indicates someone who is a descendant of Brice.
  • Sicily: Derived from a famous Italian island.
  • Gypsy
  • Enze: This mandarin word means ‘to favor someone.’
  • Goliath: A character from the bible.
  • Rosalia: Popular Spanish word that means ‘rose.’

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