123+ Portuguese Dog Names

It can be difficult to find inspiration to name your new dog sometimes. We hope this article helps you choose a name for your puppy. So, here are over 123 Portuguese dog names.

Amazing Portuguese Dog Names

  • Mateus (means “gift of God.”)
  • Mafalda (means “powerful battler.”)
  • Bonifacio (means “good.”)
  • Luisa (means “famous warrior.”)
  • Agostinho (means “to increase.”)
  • Emmanuel (means “God is with us.”)
  • Rute (means “companion.”)
  • Ida (means “diligent” or “prosperous.”)
  • Adelmar (meaning “noble” and Mari meaning “famous.”)
  • Valentim (means “strong.”)
  • Estevao (meaning “crown.”)
  • Chica (a young woman.)
  • Caramba (slang for “wow.”)
  • Beleza (means “beauty.”)
  • Suzana (means “lily.”)
  • Angelo (means “angel.”)
  • Comida (Portuguese term for “food.”)
  • Albino (means “pure” or “pale.”)
  • Valere (means “brave.”)
  • Genoveva (means “leader of the tribe.”)
  • Alcides (meaning “strength.”)
  • Chico (short form of Francisco.)
  • Cecilio (means “blind.”)
  • Benigno (means “kind” and “friendly” in Latin.)
  • Donato (means “given by God.”)
  • Bruno (means “brown.”)
  • Gonçalo (means “battle” or “fight.”)
  • Noemia (meaning “pleasantness.”)
  • Clara (means “clear.”)
  • Nossa (means “our.”)
  • Fado (means “destiny.”)
  • Lindeza (means “beautiful beyond the physical.”)
  • Henrique (meaning “ruler” or “power.”)
  • Rinhaldo (meaning “wise ruler.”)
  • Gregorio (means “watchful” or “vigilant.”)
  • Leonor (“the bright one.”)
  • Geraldo (meaning “to rule with a spear.”)
  • Agueda (means “good-hearted.”)
  • Andre (means “manly” or “masculine.”)
  • Ulrica (means “wolf ruler.”)
  • Enia (means “fiery.”)
  • Vicente (means “conqueror.”)
  • Cesar (means “hair.”)
  • Carina (means “beloved.”)
  • Alberto (means “noble.”)
  • Andreia (means “daring.”)
  • Branca (means “white.”)
  • Faustino (means “lucky.”)
  • Dulce (means “sweet.”)
  • Leticia (means “happiness.”)
  • Frederico (means “peaceful ruler.”)
  • Maximiano (means “greatest.”)
  • Sorvete (“ice cream.”)
  • Albina (means “white.”)
  • Simao (meaning “listen.”)
  • Nalda (means “strong.”)
  • Calisto (means “most beautiful.”)
  • Beatriz (the Spanish and Portuguese form of Beatrix, meaning “brings joy.”)
  • Guida (means “guide.”)
  • Noela (means “day of birth.”)
  • Felix (means “lucky” or “successful.”)
  • Catina (translates to “pure.”)
  • Zeva (means “sword.”)
  • Chinelos (the Portuguese word for “flip-flops” or “slippers.”)
  • Vitoria (means “woman of victory.”)
  • Rafael (means “God has healed.”)
  • Placido (means “calm.”)
  • Carlito (means “little man.”)
  • Marcos (means “defender.”)
  • Francisco (means “French man.”)
  • Bianca (means “white” or “shining.”)
  • Celia (means “heaven.”)
  • Kaci (means “brave” or “watchful.”)
  • Bela (means “white.”)
  • Brento (means “king.”)
  • Carlotte (“her strength is like a man.”)
  • Marcia (means “defender.”)
  • Sofia (means “wisdom.”)
  • Aco (means “steel.”)
  • Lucas (means “bright” or “shining.”)
  • Amerigo (means “power.”)
  • Alfonso ( means “noble” or “ready.”)
  • Graca (means “grateful.”)
  • Alfredo (means “sage” or “wise.”)
  • Xandra (means “protector of mankind.”)
  • Galena (means “small, intelligent one”.)
  • Uxia (means “well-born.”)
  • Pedrina (meaning “rock.”)
  • Amigo (“friend.”)
  • Ramona (means “wise protector.”)
  • Alexandra (means “defending men.”)
  • Julio (meaning “downy beard.”)
  • Ylva (means “she-wolf.”)
  • Idonia (means “industrious.”)
  • Rodrigo (means “ruler.”)
  • Christiano (after Christiano Ronaldo the famous football player. This name means “Christian.
  • Nuno (means “ninth.”)
  • Lucia (“light.”)
  • Artur (meaning “courageous” or “noble.”)
  • Calista (means “most beautiful.”)
  • Praia (means “beach.”)
  • Gloria (is Latin for “glory.”)
  • Cornelio (means “horn.”)
  • Gaspar (meaning “treasurer.”)
  • Aleixo (means “defender.”)
  • Salvador (means “savior.”)
  • Tomas (means “twin.”)
  • Bebe (means “baby” in Portuguese.)
  • Armando ( meaning “army man.”)
  • Aurora (Latin word for “dawn.”)
  • Iria (means “woman of peace.”)
  • Estrela (means “star.”)
  • Pablo (means “small.”)
  • Fofo (means “cutie” or “soft.”)
  • Edmundo (means “protector of prosperity.”)
  • Xavia (means “protector of mankind.”)
  • Antonio (means “highly praiseworthy.”)
  • Matilde (means “mighty in battle.”)
  • Gabriel (Hebrew for “God is my strength.”)
  • Zorian (means “happy.”)
  • Anxo (means “angel.”)
  • Octavia (means “born eighth.”)
  • Glaucio (means “blue-gray”.)
  • Welda (means “ruler.”)
  • Sara (means “princess.”)
  • Lua (Portuguese for “moon.”)

Unique Portuguese Dog Names

  • Gilberto (meaning “pledge.”)
  • Leonardo (means “strong as a lion.”)
  • Bola (the Portuguese word for “ball.”)
  • Felicia (means “happy.”)
  • Adao (means “earth.”)
  • Godofredo (meaning “God” and “peace.”)
  • Dylla (means “self-reliant individual.”)
  • Fausto (means “ever ruler.”)
  • Ernesto (meaning “serious.”)
  • Luiz (means “famous warrior.”)
  • Amanda (means “she who must be loved.”)
  • Horacio (means “good eyesight.”)
  • Benedito (meaning “blessed.”)
  • Beijinho (means “little kiss.”)
  • Jordao (meaning “to flow down.”)
  • Kaka (famous Brazilian football player.)
  • Vande (means “wanderer.”)
  • Urso (the Portuguese word for “bear.”)
  • Hugo (meaning “mind spirit.”)
  • Jorge (meaning “farmer.”)
  • Ursula (means “little bear.”)
  • Luana (means “graceful battle maiden.”)
  • Anita (“invaluable” or “priceless.”)
  • Rania (means “queen.”)
  • Cosme (meaning “order.”)
  • Ana (“favor” or “grace.”)
  • Mara (means “bitter.”)
  • Bento (means “blessed.”)
  • Ignacio (it means «fiery one.»)
  • Breno (means “king.”)
  • Gil (meaning “young goat.”)
  • Garda (means “guard” in Portuguese.)
  • Iris (means “rainbow.”)
  • Davi (means “beloved.”)
  • Margarida (meaning “pearl.”)
  • Olena (means “pretty.”)
  • Adriano (meaning “sea” or “water.”)
  • Alicia (means “noble” and “kind.”)
  • Mano (this is the Portuguese slang for “brother.”)

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