20+ Cute & Funny Chinchilla Names

It’s important to give your chinchilla a perfect name! Don’t leave this page and you’ll get an opportunity to see a list of cute & funny chinchilla names.

Cute & Funny Chinchilla Names

  • Snowflake– Or you may want to use this one for a lighter colored pet.
  • Granite– If you want your pet to seem strong rather than cute, you can try this one.
  • Diamond– We love gemstone names for cute pets.
  • Smidge– This is another good choice for a small pet.
  • Foggy– Like the color of your pet.
  • Bite Size– Could you find a more ridiculous small name?
  • Ears– You could go literal with how big your pet’s ears are.
  • Platinum– Also a great color name you might want to consider.
  • Coconut– Fun food names with an exotic flair are perfect for chinchillas.
  • Snowball– This similar name might be closer to what you are looking for.
  • Cottonball– A cutesy name like this may describe your pet’s look very well.

Other Cute & Funny Chinchilla Names

  • Churro– Another good Mexican food name.
  • Chippy– Good for any rodent, as it is short for chipmunk.
  • Toast– You could use a food name that is completely ridiculous.
  • Chachi– This exotic name has some flair to it.
  • Gris– Spanish for grey.
  • Chipmunk– A great rodent name for your pet.
  • Lucky– This classic name is always a good option.
  • Whiskers– A favorite choice for rodents like the chinchilla
  • Stringbean– You might want a name that said how small and thing your pet is.
  • Littlefoot– Here is a unique one describing your pet’s delicate feet.

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