20+ Female Dog Names With Meanings

Looking for a name for your girl puppy? Check out our selection of ideal names with meanings and make your choice.

Beautiful Female Dog Names

  • Elu – A Zuni name meaning beautiful
  • Oribel – A Latin name that means beautiful child of gold
  • Calisto – A Greek and Portuguese name meaning most beautiful
  • Husni – An Arabic and North African name that means beauty
  • Genesee – A name from the Iroquois people meaning beautiful valley
  • Belle – A name derived from the French word for beautiful
  • Adamma – A name from Ibo and Nigeria that means child of beauty
  • Mami – A Japanese name meaning real beauty
  • Maliha – An Arabic name that means beautiful
  • Hadara – A name which means spectacular ornament
  • Zariya – A Muslim name meaning beauty and delight
  • Zi – A Chinese name meaning graceful

Amazing Female Dog Names

  • Jae-Hwa – A name from Korea that means respect and beauty
  • Michiko – A name that means child of beauty in Japan
  • Nomble – A name that means beauty in the Xhosa language that is spoken in much of South Africa
  • Tabitha – A Hebrew name which is derived from the Aramaic word for gazelle
  • Rupa – A Hindi name that means silver and beauty
  • Adah – A Hebrew name that means ornament
  • Venita – A Latin – American name meaning a goddess of love and beauty
  • Amara – A German name that means eternally beautiful
  • Zippora – A name meaning beauty in Hebrew
  • Hafwen – An English and Welsh name meaning beautiful
  • Mi-Cha – A Korean name that means beautiful daughter
  • Bonita – A Spanish name that means pretty one
  • Yoshe – Japanese name that means beauty
  • Duvessa – A name that means dark beauty in Irish
  • Sauda – A Swahili name that means dark beauty
  • Linda – This name refers to soft or tender in German
  • Mirabel – A name from the middle ages that means beauty
  • Adara – This name means one who is beautiful

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