25+ Male Corgi Dog Names With Meanings

When choosing a suitable name for a pet, it is important to remember that this is a factor that influences the character of the animal. Any name carries information that unknowingly determines the action and, possibly, the fate of the puppy. So here are over 25 names with meanings for your Corgi puppy. Choose according to your taste. Good luck!

Beautiful Male Corgi Dog Names

  • Beldin – An English name that means beautiful valley
  • Skön – The Swedish word meaning beautiful
  • Sebah – A Muslim name meaning pretty or handsome
  • Camlo – A Dutch and Romani name that means beauty or beautiful
  • Gamil – meaning beauty or loveliness
  • Charuchit – A name from India meaning a person with a beautiful mind
  • Beauchamp – A French name meaning beautiful field
  • Akeno – A Japanese name that means beautiful sunrise
  • Hasan – beautiful or good
  • Beaumont – A French name that means from the beautiful mountain
  • Finnin – An Irish name that means a beautiful child
  • Laquan – This Spanish name means beautiful divine
  • Chart data – A Hindu name that means beautiful
  • Beaufort – A name meaning beautiful fortress
  • Beau – This name means beautiful
  • Uilani – beauty or royal beauty
  • Nzuri – The word meaning beautiful in Swahili

Majestic Male Corgi Dog Names

  • Mailie – A name from China meaning beautiful
  • Rupinder – means the greatest beauty
  • Lalit – A Sanskrit name meaning one who is beautiful
  • Kalidasa – a beautiful swan
  • Polit – The Basque word for beautiful
  • Bello – An Italian name meaning handsome
  • Krásný – The Czech word for beautiful
  • Ervin – A Scottish name that means beautiful
  • Sonic – The word for pretty
  • Aider – A name meaning beautiful light
  • Li-Wei – A Chinese name that means beautiful rose
  • Murfin – A Scottish name that means dwells near the beautiful sea
  • Charuhas – An individual with a beautiful smile

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