30+ Famous Horse Names From TV Shows

Maybe you’re in need of a name for your new foal or maybe you’ve just become the proud owner of a horse you purchased on and you fancy a name change? Don’t leave this page and you’ll get an opportunity to see a list of famous horse names from TV shows.

Famous Horse Names From TV Shows

  • Spartan, Amy Fleming’s horse from Heartland
  • Amigo, Cordell Walker’s horse in the TV series Walker, Texas Ranger
  • Saddle Club horses from The Saddle Club
  • Phantom, Zorro’s white horse in the Disney series Zorro
  • Domino, the pinto ridden by Bill Longley, played by Rory Calhoun in The Texan TV series
  • Bandit, buckskin from Caitlin’s Way
  • Joe D., the horse ridden by the Virginian in the TV series The Virginian
  • Mister Ed, eponymous horse of the CBS series, 1961–1966.
  • Wildfire, from ABC Family’s Wildfire
  • Sophie, Colonel Potter’s horse on M*A*S*H
  • Alípio, from puppet series Cocoricó
  • Sport, the chestnut gelding of Adam Cartwright on the television series Bonanza
  • Chestnut, from the TV series 2 Broke Girls
  • Fury, the eponymous black stallion of the 1950s TV series
  • Champion the Wonder Horse, the eponymous hero of a 1950s television series
  • Tornado, Zorro’s black horse
  • Scout, Tonto’s horse

More Famous Horse Names From TV Shows

  • Pokey, the pony from The Gumby Show
  • Hercules, Steptoe and Son’s horse
  • Pie-O-My, Ralph Cifaretto’s horse from Episodes 44 and 48 of Season 4 of The Sopranos
  • Cochise, Little Joe’s horse on the Bonanza television series
  • Argo, from Xena: Warrior Princess
  • Buck, the buckskin horse ridden by Trampas in the TV series The Virginian
  • Katy, the paint mare belonging to The Kid from The Young Riders
  • Chico, also his real name, Queen of Swords’ horse
  • Li’l Sebastian, the little horse beloved by Pawnee, Indiana in the sitcom Parks and Recreation
  • Polka-Dotted Horse, Ludicrous Lion’s horse from H.R. Pufnstuf
  • Ringo, the black horse with the white star ridden by Josh Randall in all but the first few episodes of the TV series Wanted Dead or Alive
  • Meindert het Paard, a horse who is a character in the Dutch TV children’s puppet series De Fabeltjeskrant.
  • Buck, the buckskin horse of Ben Cartwright on the TV series Bonanza
  • Chub, Chubb, or Chubby, the horse of Hoss Cartwright on the Bonanza television series
  • Cocoa, Nick Barkley’s horse on The Big Valley TV series (Cocoa was retired at the end of the Hunter’s Moon episode in Season Four)
  • Silver, the Lone Ranger’s horse
  • Victor, the Lone Ranger’s nephew’s horse
  • The Black Stallion in Adventures of the Black Stallion
  • Superstar, the real name of the black horse who played James West’s horse in the TV series The Wild Wild West

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