33+ Indian Dog Names & Meanings

We have  best collection of the over 33  indian dog name ideas for your puppy. Here you can find the name ideas for any taste. Happy searching !

Best  Indian Dog Names & Meanings

  • Adil (sincere)
  • Akash (the sky)
  • Amir (rich)
  • Amiya (delight)
  • Arjun (white)
  • Asha (hope/desire)
  • Bala (young girl)
  • Baloo (bear from The Jungle Book)
  • Bandar (monkey)
  • Bangle
  • Bari (great)
  • Batuk (boy)
  • Beta (son)
  • Bolly (like Bollywood)
  • Cardamom
  • Cashmere
  • Chai
  • Champak (flower)
  • Chandra (shining moon)
  • Chutney
  • Cinnamon
  • Clove
  • Coconut
  • Dakshi (“The Glorious”)
  • Delhi
  • Devi (goddess)
  • Dosa (crispy flatbread)
  • Falgun (spring)
  • Goa (beautiful beach)
  • Haddi (bone)
  • Hardik (sincere)
  • Holi (spring festival celebration)
  • Indra (rainbow)
  • Jasmine
  • Jihan (cosmos)
  • Karma
  • Kumar (prince)

Other Cool Indian Dog Names & Meanings

  • Baloo – Here is a title we are sure you’ll all recognize! Baloo is the name of the bear from Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book. Coming from the Hindi word bhālū this moniker literally means bear! Great for a dog who appreciates the bare necessities of life.
  • Bala – Another Hindu word, Bala means several things. It is often translated to mean ‘young girl,’ however, it also means ‘power and strength.’ This would make a brilliant choice for a feisty female! Howl can you resist this name when it has such a both badass and cute meaning?
  • Drisana – This is one of our personal favorites. Drisana means ‘daughter of the sun’ and is one of the most beautiful Indian dog names to choose for your female furry friend. This would be pawfect for a puppy who is the light of your life and who brings sunshine and smiles wherever their paws walk.
  • Goa – Why not consider naming your pup after an Indian region? A southwestern coastal state in India, this city is really popular for people who love sunny beach holidays! This would be a great choice for a canine who loves taking sandy strolls along the beach with their owner.
  • Holi – This is a really culturally inspired name because Holi is an Indian festival celebrated in the Spring. Also known as the ‘festival of colors’ or ‘the festival of love’ it celebrates the coming of Spring and celebrates love, laughter and forgiveness. Naming your pooch Holi would be a great way to remember the most important things in life.
  • Jasmine – This is a fab-fur-lously feminine name for your hound! Jasmine is the English version of the Arabic title ‘Yasmine’. Jasmine refers to the Jasmine flower, so is a great choice if you prefer a moniker that has a delicate and pretty meaning.
  • Karma – This is a word we’re all familiar with; it’s associated with both Hinduism and Buddhism. Karma is essentially the result of how a person acts – you do good, you get good luck and if you do bad, you get bad luck! We think Karma makes a great choice, as it’s an alternative to calling your pooch the popular choice of lucky.
  • Masala – A food inspired name! Masala is a mixture of ground spices used in cooking and is probably most famously used to make the curry chicken-tikka masala! This would be great for a hound who has a sassy personality and is as fiery as spice!
  • Paneer – This Hindi name actually comes from Persian origin and actually means cheese. Yes, this is a grate choice for all you cheese lovers out there… and even better if your dog has a cheesy smile!
  • Tara – This is an amazing option for a female four-legged friend who loves to be the star of the show! Tara means ‘star’ in Sanskrit, however, it is also a Hindu Goddess who was abducted by the God of the moon, leading to a great war!

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