34+ Best German Girl Dog Names

We have  best collection of the over 34 best german girl dog name ideas for your puppy. Here you can find the name ideas for any taste. Happy searching !

Cute  German Girl Dog Names

  • Bock: A lager beer with German origins.
  • Brezel: The German word for “pretzel.”
  • Dumpling: A staple in German cuisine. (The German word for “dumpling”—Knödel—may be a little too tricky!)
  • Kuchen: A cake.
  • Schnapps: A flavored, distilled spirit that’s beloved in Germany.
  • Spaetzle: A type of pasta made with fresh eggs and covered in melted cheese.
  • Strudel: A flaky pastry that’s typically stuffed with fruit.
  • Waffel: You guessed it—Waffel is the German word for “waffle”!
  • Ada: If your new dog has a sweet, gentle personality, consider naming her Ada—it means “kind” and “noble.”
  • Astrid: Derived from the German compounds for “divine strength” and “divine beauty,” this name is ideal for a dog that boasts bronze and beauty.
  • Elsa: Any name that means “noble” is suitable for the canine queen of your household, but this moniker will get you double points if your kids are obsessed with Frozen.
  • Lotti: Short, cute, and easy-to-hear (more on that later!), Lotti means “little woman.” Perfect for a smaller-sized dog, right?
  • Matilda: Meaning “mighty in battle,” Matilda is fitting for a rough-and-tumble girl dog. Plus, Tillie and Tilda are super cute nicknames!
  • Milla: Mia has been an incredibly popular name—for dogs and humans—for years upon years. Why not switch it up with a unique, German-inspired variation?
  • Nia: Another short and cute name, Nia is perfect for a bright doggy. Why? It literally means “bright”!
  • Sascha: If your dog acts like a watchdog—or just loves to watch birds from her spot at a window—name her Sascha. It means “defender of mankind.”
  • Winifred/Winnie: Got a cuddler on your hands? Winifred—and its sweet nickname, Winnie—means “peaceful friend.”
  • Zelda: Meaning “battle maid”, you can take some inspiration from your favorite childhood video game.

Beautiful German Girl Dog Names

  • Alpina
  • Beatrix
  • Britta
  • Elke
  • Esther/Esty
  • Gisela
  • Greta
  • Hessia
  • Ilse
  • Ingrid
  • Marta
  • Petra
  • Sabine
  • Suzie

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