44+ Cute Rare Dog Names With Meanings

We have the best collection of over 44  cute rare dog name ideas for your puppy. Here you can find the name ideas for any taste. Happy searching! 

Best  Cute Rare Dog Names With Meanings

  • Hercules: Greek demi-god.
  • Rosabel: This nature-inspired Latin name means ‘beautiful flower.’
  • Lootus: An Estonian word that means ‘the bringer of hope.’
  •     Ande: It’s a Swedish word that means ‘spirit.’
  • Aldis: An exotic name of English origin.
  •     Ava: A Hebrew word that means ‘life.’
  • Nova: This name has two origins—Native American (means the one who chases butterfly) and Latin (means new).
  • Serilda: This Teutonic name means ‘a woman warrior.’
  •     Aramis: The third musketeer.
  • Rahana: This name means ‘sweet basil.’
  • Magnus: It is a Danish word that means ‘great.’
  •     Cion: Gaelic word that means ‘affectionate.’
  •     Salome: It stands for ‘peace’ in Hebrew.
  • Arsenic: ‘Poison.’
  •     Piper: This British word describes someone who plays the pipe.
  •     Layla: A word of Arabic origin that stands for ‘night beauty.’
  •     Magnolia: The state tree of Mississippi.
  • Apollo: Name of A Greek god.
  •     Phantom: A name derived from the Phantom of the Opera.
  •     Trixie: It means ‘fun-loving.’
  •     Shanay: It is a word that defines ‘God’s graciousness.’
  •     Elise: A spiritual word that means ‘oath of God.’
  • Ramesses: Name inspired by the Egyptian pharaoh.
  •     Liam: Irish word that stands for ‘guardian.’
  • Lakota: This Native American word means ‘friend.’
  •     Runako: An African American name that means ‘handsome.’
  •     Keely: This name means beauty. This moniker has an Irish and Celtic origin.
  • Genghis: Derived from Genghis Khan.
  •     Earl: A rank of nobility in England.
  •     Igloo: Inspired by the ice structure.
  •     Shilin: Gaelic word that stands for ‘cherry.’

More Cute Rare Dog Names With Meanings

  •     Sicily: Derived from a famous Italian island.
  •     Serena: This Latin word stands for ‘something peaceful.’
  •     Rex: It’s the Latin word for ‘king.’
  •     Floyd: A Celtic name that stands for ‘grey.’
  •     Aurora: Inspired by the otherworldly aurora borealis
  • Costello: An English word that means “son of Oisdealbhach.”
  •     Harper: A British word that stands for ‘a harpist and minstrel.’
  •     Wallaby: A small, kangaroo-like creature.
  •     Ivan: A Russian name that means ‘God is gracious.’
  • Dymond: A town located in Ontario.
  •     Valdis: A Norse name.
  • Gev: It’s a Persian word that means ‘warrior.’
  • Parker: Of British origin, it means a park keeper.
  •     Saundra: This Scottish word means ‘defender of mankind.’
  •     Stalene: It means ‘bright like a star.’
  •     Fochik: Of Chickasaw origin, it means ‘stars.’
  •     Rosalia: Popular Spanish word that means ‘rose.’
  • Einar: Of Scandinavian origin, it means ‘warrior.’
  •     Cruz: Latino word that means ‘cross.’
  •     Goliath: A character from the bible.
  •     Venetia: This word stands for the city of cas in Italy.

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