45+ Great Female Dog Names

We have  best collection of the over 45 great female dog name ideas for your puppy. Here you can find the name ideas for any taste. Happy searching!

Fantastic Female Dog Names

  •  Zelda: The Zelda meaning is, “Dark battle.”
  •     Vivi: This is a nickname for Vivien.  This name means, “Alive.”
  •     Widow: A widow is a woman that loses her mate.
  •     Willow: This name means, “Resolute or peaceful.”
  •    Tama: Tama is a Maltese word for, “Hope.”
  •    Teale: This is another spelling of the color teal.  This is a shade of blue.
  •    Truffle: A truffle is a fungus that is hard to find.  It is a delicacy and pricey.  It is also a chocolate candy that has a rum and cocoa flavor.
  •    Zeva: Zeva is Greek and means, “Sword.”
  •    Gloria: This name means, “Glory,” in Spanish and Italian.
  •    Trinity: This name means “three in one” or Triad.  It is also the girl hero from the Matrix movies.
  •    Ginger: Ginger is a root that’s used in food and drink.  Ginger is also a nickname used for redheads.
  •    Velvet: Velvet is a smooth fabric.
  •    Vida: Vida is a Scottish name that means, “Friend or beloved.”
  •    Glitter: Glitter means to shine and sparkle.  It is also the material that kids use on art projects.
  •    Grace: Grace means to honor or favor.  It is also the first name of United States Navy Rear Admiral Grace Hopper.  See the meaning of Hopper for info.
  •    Gelta: Gelta is the Icelandic word for, “Bark.”
  •    Gauge: Gauge is linked with guns. It is a unit of size, which is the inner size of the barrel.
  •    Gwin: Gwin is the Welsh word for, “Wine.”
  •    Ursa:  Ursa is from of the Latin word for bear.
  •    Winter: This name comes from the season.
  •    Twix: Twix is a popular candy bar.
  •    Zoey: Zoey means, “Life.”
  •    Ginti: Ginti is the Lithuanian word for, “Defend.”

Cool Female Dog Names

  •   Adah – A Hebrew name that means ornament
  •     Rupa – A Hindi name that means silver and beauty
  •     Michiko – A name that means child of beauty in Japan
  •     Zi – A Chinese name meaning graceful
  •     Mirabel – A name from the middle ages that means beauty
  •     Adamma – A name from Ibo and Nigeria that means child of beauty
  •     Elu – A Zuni name meaning beautiful
  •     Hafwen – An English and Welsh name meaning beautiful
  •     Maliha – An Arabic name that means beautiful
  •     Calisto – A Greek and Portuguese name meaning most beautiful
  •     Sauda – A Swahili name that means dark beauty
  •     Amara – A German name that means eternally beautiful
  •     Belle – A name derived from the French word for beautiful
  •     Adara – This name means one who is beautiful
  •     Duvessa – A name that means dark beauty in Irish
  •     Tabitha – A Hebrew name which is derived from the Aramaic word for gazelle
  •     Zariya – A Muslim name meaning beauty and delight
  •     Oribel – A Latin name that means beautiful child of gold
  •     Zippora – A name meaning beauty in Hebrew
  •     Nomble – A name that means beauty in the Xhosa language that is spoken in much of South Africa
  •     Linda – This name refers to soft or tender in German
  •     Hadara – A name which means spectacular ornament
  •     Mami – A Japanese name meaning real beauty
  •     Jae-Hwa – A name from Korea that means respect and beauty
  •     Mi-Cha – A Korean name that means beautiful daughter
  •     Venita – A Latin – American name meaning a goddess of love and beauty
  •     Yoshe – Japanese name that means beauty
  •     Genesee – A name from the Iroquois people meaning beautiful valley
  •     Husni – An Arabic and North African name that means beauty
  •     Bonita – A Spanish name that means pretty one
  •     Godiva:  Godiva means a “Gift of God.”  Godiva is also a company that is famous for its chocolate.  So, if you need a chocolate dog name, this will work.
  •      Zara: Zara means to, “Blossom.”
  •      Gwyn: In the Welsh language, Gwyn means, “White.”
  •     Tala: Tala is the Native American word for, “Wolf.”
  •     Tess: Tess is a nickname for Teresa.  Teresa is from the Greek word “therizein,” which means to reap.
  •      Tiffany: Tiffany means, “God’s incarnate.”  This is when God takes a human form.  It is also a shade of blue that is close to the color of Robin’s egg.
  •      Viper: A Viper is a deadly snake.
  •      Glory: The word Glory is used a lot in any battle.  This includes the battlefield or the sports field.  Glory means praise and honor that is earned by being successful.  Of course, this is can also be a reference to Old Glory.

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