46+ Perfect Male Dog Names

We have  best collection of the over 46 perfect male dog name ideas for your puppy. Here you can find the name ideas for any taste. Happy searching!

Fantastic Male Dog Names

  •  Beaumont – A French name that means from the beautiful mountain
  •     Charuchit – A name from India meaning a person with a beautiful mind
  •     Lalit – A Sanskrit name meaning one who is beautiful
  •     Camlo – A Dutch and Romani name that means beauty or beautiful
  •     T-Bone: This is from the cut of steak.  A nickname of this would just be “T”.  This could also stand for the beverage.  A canine called T-Bone would definitely need to be tough.
  •     Yankee: This is from the military alphabet.  It is used for the letter “Y.”  This was also the nickname of the North during the Civil War.
  •     Thunder:  This sound happens after lighting.  In old times, people use to think the sound was from the Gods.
  •     Tonks: Tonks is the last name of a Harry Potter character, Nymphador Tonks.  She was in the Order of the Phoenix.  Even though the character was a girl, the last name is masculine.
  •     Taron: Taron is a cool sounding name.  It means, “Earth Man.”  Which might be weird to call a dog, but it is unique.
  •     Yeats: This is the last name of the famous Irish Poet W.B. Yeats.
  •     Taz: Taz is the nickname for the Tasmanian Devil from the Cartoon.  Taz was an impatient animal that had massive temper tantrums.  He also left a path of destruction anywhere he went.
  •     Turk:  This can be the name of a pooch with blue eyes.  Turk is the short form of Turquoise, the famous greenish blue stone.
  •     Zinc: Zinc is a metal that is used to prevent rust on iron.  It is also a mineral that is needed for proper nutrition.
  •     Tank: Tank is an armored fighting vehicle that is used in war.
  •     Taser: A Taser is a non-lethal weapon that shocks a person.
  •     Zander: Zander is from Alexander.  This name means, “Man warrior.”
  •     Yonder: Yonder is a large distance in a given direction.  It is also for the saying, “Wild Blue Yonder.”
  •     Taco: Taco is a perfect name for a little pooch with a lot of crunches.
  •     Tex: Tex is the nickname for someone from the state of Texas.
  •     Zeke: Zeke comes from the name Ezekiel.  This is a Hebrew name which means, “God will strengthen.”
  •     Titan: A titan is a person who is very powerful, smart, and strong.  Titan is also a word to describe something massive.
  •     Toryn:  Toryn is an Irish name that means, “Chief.”
  •     Thor: Thor is the God of Thunder.  He is also a badass comic book hero.
  •     Zeus:  Zeus is the king of Gods in Greek Mythology. He rules Mt. Olympus and the Earth.

Cool Male Dog Names

  •     Beldin – An English name that means beautiful valley
  •     Rupinder – means the greatest beauty
  •     Charudata – A Hindu name that means beautiful
  •     Kalidasa – a beautiful swan
  •     Beaufort – A name meaning beautiful fortress
  •     Hasan – beautiful or good
  •     Finnin – An Irish name that means a beautiful child
  •     Bonic – The word for pretty
  •     Ervin – A Scottish name that means beautiful
  •     Sebah – A Muslim name meaning pretty or handsome
  •     Mailie – A name from China meaning beautiful
  •     Uilani – beauty or royal beauty
  •     Akeno – A Japanese name that means beautiful sunrise
  •     Bello – An Italian name meaning handsome
  •     Skön – The Swedish word meaning beautiful
  •     Polit – The Basque word for beautiful
  •     Nzuri – The word meaning beautiful in Swahili
  •     Beau – This name means beautiful
  •     Li-Wei – A Chinese name that means beautiful rose
  •     Gamil – meaning beauty or loveliness
  •     Charuhas – An individual with a beautiful smile
  •     Muirfinn – A Scottish name that means dwells near the beautiful sea
  •     Laquan – This Spanish name means beautiful divine
  •     Beauchamp – A French name meaning beautiful field
  •     Krásný – The Czech word for beautiful
  •     Argider – A name meaning beautiful light

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