46+ Perfect Mythical Dog Names

We have  best collection of the over 46 perfect  mythical dog name ideas for your puppy. Here you can find the name ideas for any taste. Happy searching !

Wonderful  Mythical Dog Names

  • Ajax (hero of the Trojan War)
  • Argus (watchful guardian)
  • Brontes (thunderous)
  • Damon (trust and loyalty)
  • Evander (Greek cultural hero)
  • Eros (love)
  • Helios (god of the sun)
  • Hermes (god of trade and travel)
  • Jason (leader of the Argonauts)
  • Jupiter (Roman king of the gods)
  • Leander (lion man)
  • Linus (leader of lyric song)
  • Mars (god of war)
  • Morpheus (god of dreams)
  • Neptune (Roman complement of Poseidon)
  • Pan (god of the wild)
  • Perseus (destroyer)
  • Poseidon (god of the sea)
  • Theseus (Athenian king)
  • Vulcan (god of fire)
  • Aphrodite (goddess of love and beauty)
  • Artemis (goddess of the hunt)
  • Aura (goddess of the breeze)
  • Calliope (muse of epic poetry)
  • Cassandra (priestess of Apollo)
  • Clio (muse of history)
  • Daphne (daughter of the river god)
  • Diana (Roman name for Artemis)
  • Echo (a magical wood nymph)
  • Gaia (mother goddess over Earth)
  • Helen (daughter of Zeus)
  • Iris (goddess of the sea and sky)
  • Melaina (black or dark)
  • Nyx (goddess of the night)
  • Pandora (the first human woman)
  • Penelope (devotion and fidelity)
  • Phaedra (bright)
  • Rhea (goddess of fertility and motherhood)
  • Selene (goddess of the moon)
  • Thalia (joyous)

Amazing Mythical Dog Names

  • Achilles (hero of Homer’s The Iliad)
  • Athena (goddess of wisdom)
  • Atlas (leader of the Titans)
  • Fauna (Roman goddess of animals)
  • Hera (the highest of the goddesses)
  • Hercules (god of strength and power)
  • Juno (queen of heaven)
  • Loki (a mischievous god of fate and chaos)
  • Luna (Roman goddess of the moon)
  • Odin (Norse mythology’s most important god)
  • Odysseus (hero of Homer’s The Odyssey)
  • Phoebe (Titan associated with the intellect)
  • Pluto (Greek god of the underworld)
  • Victoria (Roman goddess of victory)
  • Zeus (the highest of the gods)

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