47 Best Awesome Labrador Retriever Dog Names with Meanings

Labrador Retrievers are intelligent dogs, devoid of aggression. They understand a person so well – from a half-word, half a gesture, that they can serve as “second eyes” for the blind. These are not just dogs, but the most loyal creatures who will always support and will not leave their two-legged friend. Needless to say that such a pet needs a special name that fully reflects its qualities? What can you call a Labrador?

  • Candace (queen mother)
  • Keya (flower)
  • Drusy (a black crystal stone)
  • Jasper (a gemstone)
  • Jezebel (this could be a naughty doggie)
  • Spinel (a black stone)
  • Sharpie (cunning and sly)
  • Eagle (possessing keen senses)
  • Exodus (mass departure)
  • Fudgey (soft and sweet)
  • Baba (teacher)
  • Hugo (smart)
  • Solomon (very wise)
  • Cupcake (small, colorful, and sweet cakes)
  • Bella (beautiful)
  • Chrissy (short for Chrysanthemum)
  • Kwan (strong)
  • Jaya (victory)
  • Constant (steadfast)
  • Anika (grace)
  • Maximus (greatest)
  • Jello (jelly-like and sweet)
  • Kabir (great)
  • Dumpster (trash receptacle)
  • Dylan (a Welsh male name)
  • Juniper (An evergreen shrub or tree)
  • Mirai (miracle)
  • Arjun (honor)
  • Funky (the 60s term for “cool”)
  • Dragon (A fire-breathing mythical monster)
  • Sai (divine)
  • Evangenline (good news)
  • Ametrine (a lavender-white stone)
  • Bryce (after Bryce Canyon National park red rock formations)
  • Dakota (great and unbeatable fighter)
  • Benedict (blessed)
  • Taz (short for Tasmanite, a black mineral)
  • Amee (beloved)
  • Kai (rejoice)
  • Flint (cold-hearted)
  • Yonder (refers to the far distance)
  • Starlight (the light that is emitted by stars)
  • Diane (heavenly)
  • Chanda (moon)
  • Cusp (An end where two curves meet)
  • Karma (destiny or fate)
  • Raj (king)

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