50+ Lovely Greek Female Dog Names

Looking for a name for your girl puppy? Check out our selection of Greek female dog names. Names for every taste.

Beautiful Greek Female Dog Names

  • Alexa (Defender of men)
  • Hera (Wife of Zeus and goddess of marriage and birth)
  • Ambrosia (Immortality)
  • Daphne (Bay tree, or laurel tree)
  • Elpis (The spirit of hope)
  • Amara (Unfading)
  • Demi (Abbreviation of Demetria – the mythological goddess of corn and harvest)
  • Cassandra (Unheeded prophetess)
  • Chloe (Blooming or fertility)
  • Pandora (All gifts. In Greek mythology Pandora was the first mortal woman)
  • Antigone (Instead of the mother)
  • Athena (Greek goddess of wisdom and warfare)
  • Lyra (Star constellation representing the lyre of Orpheus)
  • Sophie (Wisdom, wise)
  • Effie (Fair flame)
  • Harmonia (Goddess of harmony and concord)
  • Artemis (Greek goddess of the moon and hunting)
  • Phoebe (Bright and shining)
  • Medea (To ponder or cunning)
  • Calista (Most beautiful)
  • Angela (Messenger of gods)
  • Eris (Goddess of strife)
  • Thalia (Muse of comedy)
  • Iris (Goddess of rainbows)
  • Hermione (Wellborn)
  • Evangeline (Good news, bringer of good news)
  • Zoe (Greek name meaning life)
  • Delia (From Delos)
  • Fury (Violence, vehemence, fierceness)
  • Libra (Goddess of Justice)
  • Arianna (Chaste, very holy)
  • Evangelia / Evangeline (Bringer of good news)
  • Helen (Shining light)
  • Callisto (A nymph loved by Zeus)
  • Cleopatra (Glory of the father)
  • Aphrodite (Goddess of love and beauty)
  • Penelope (Bobbin)
  • Electra (Shining, bright)
  • Tessa (Harvester or reaper)
  • Agatha (Good)
  • Dina (From the valley)
  • Cassia (Cinnamon)
  • Sofia (Wisdom; wise)
  • Clio (One of the Muses; the inspiration of history)
  • Tansy (Immortality)
  • Elena (Bright, shining light)
  • Psyche (Soul, mind, spirit)
  • Leora (I have light)
  • Andromeda (To be mindful of a man)
  • Muse (Nine goddesses of inspiration)
  • Meg (Pearl)
  • Georgia (Farmer)
  • Demetra (Goddess of corn and harvest)
  • Saphira (Beautiful or precious)
  • Carissa (Grace, beloved)
  • Ilene (Greek variation of Helen)
  • Cora (Maiden)
  • Hecuba (A Queen in Greek mythology)
  • Mania (Goddess of insanity)
  • Lilah (Night)
  • Delphi (An ancient city in central Greece)
  • Nyx (Greek goddess of the night)
  • Anna (Favor, grace, beautiful)
  • Dora (God’s gift)
  • Neri (Burning light or ocean spirit)
  • Celena (Goddess of the moon)

Cute Greek Female Dog Names

  • Maria (Beloved)
  • Grace (Moral quality of kindness)
  • Alexis (Helper or defender)
  • Atalanta (A virgin huntress)
  • Harmony (A fastening or join)
  • Maia (Goddess of fields)
  • Aretha (Beauty, virtuous, excellent)
  • Alexandra (Defender of men)
  • Dido (Beloved)
  • Nike (In ancient Greek religion, Nike was a goddess who personified victory)
  • Asteria (Star)
  • Doris (A Sea nymph)
  • Olympia (Feminine form of the Greek Olympios)
  • Calypso (The mythological nymph who beguiled Odysseus)
  • Delta (The fourth letter of the Greek alphabet)
  • Urania (Muse of Astronomy)
  • Agnes (Pure or holy)
  • Niki (Victory)
  • Hemera (Primordial deity and goddess of daylight)
  • Bernice (Bringer of victory)
  • Anastasia (Resurrection)

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