50+ Water Dog Names With Meanings

If you love water and everything related to it and want to give your puppy a unique water name, then this article will offer many interesting ideas.

Beautiful Water Dog Names

  • Hurricane (Severe storm)
  • Sailor (Someone who works on a boat)
  • Ray
  • Captain
  • Maris (Meaning of the sea)
  • Brizo
  • Rain (Drops of water from the sky)
  • Pacifica (A reference to the Pacific Ocean)
  • Spring (A natural well of water)
  • Nixie (A sea nymph)
  • Admiral (A high ranking naval officer)
  • Dory (A small shallow boat)
  • Neptune (The Roman God of the Sea)
  • Share
  • Breezy (Mild wind)
  • Storm
  • Ren (Meaning water lily)
  • Neredia (A sea nymph)
  • Marlin (A large saltwater fish)
  • Bass (A type of fish)
  • Convoy (A group of ships traveling together)
  • Ocean (A large body of salt water)
  • Brook (A small artery of water)
  • Pearl
  • Catalina (A type of boat)
  • Scuba (Term used by Scuba Divers)
  • Azure
  • Duck
  • Compass
  • Splash
  • Misty (Fine droplets of water that hang in the air)
  • Nemo (A famous fish and star of a movie)
  • Calder (Meaning stream)
  • Ariel
  • Coral (Animals that make up a coral reef)
  • Lana (To be calm as still waters)
  • Dover (Another word for water)
  • Talise (Meaning lovely water)
  • Orca (Type of whale)
  • Cordelia (Daughter of the Sea)
  • Atlanta
  • Morgan (Meaning a sea circle)
  • Laguna (Spanish for lagoon)
  • Altanta (A reference to the Atlantic Ocean)
  • Marina
  • Cutter (A small boat)
  • Aqua (A blue color associated with the sea)
  • Agua (Spanish for water)

Charming Water Dog Names

  • Beach (Land area by the sea)
  • Wade (A move through shallow water)
  • Zale (Meaning strength of the sea)
  • Hydra (Latin for water)
  • Poseidon
  • Sandy
  • Rio (Spanish for river)
  • Lir
  • Teal
  • Maya (A Hebrew work meaning brook)
  • Black Beard (Legendary pirate)
  • Kawai (Meaning water)
  • Dylan (Meaning of the sea)
  • Brooks (Small flowing arteries of water)
  • Nerissa
  • Moana
  • Brine
  • Caspian (After the Caspian Sea)
  • Bahama (Reference to the tropical island)
  • Gilligan
  • Frigate (A type of warship)
  • Mariner (A professional of the sea)
  • Surf
  • Reef
  • Jordan (Meaning flowing down)
  • Aquarius (The Zodiac sign associated with water)

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