70+ Famous Cowboy Horse Names

A cowboy is a man who herds and tends cattle on a ranch, especially in the western U.S., and who traditionally goes about most of his work on horseback. Here you can find a famous cowboy name for your horse.

Famous Cowboy Horse Names

  • Pete (Gary Cooper)
  • Old Speed (Jack Nicholson)
  • Tony (Tom Mix)
  • Goodeye(Nat Love)
  • Banner (John Wayne)
  • Copper (Eddie Dean)
  • Little Trigger (Roy Rogers)
  • Rusty (Tom Keene)
  • Allen’s Gold Zepher (Roy Rogers)
  • Buster (Clint Eastwood)
  • Lightning (Tim Holt)
  • Chico (Bill Cody)
  • Tornado (Zorro)
  • Sheik (Smith Ballew)
  • Smoky (Lee Marvin)
  • Senator (Leo Maloney)
  • Old Blue (Tom Mix)
  • Red Buck (Emmett Dalton)
  • Goldie (Hoot Gibson)
  • Apache (Tom Mix)
  • Smokey (Dick Foran)
  • Thunderbolt (Johnny West)
  • Tumbleweed (Audie Murphy)
  • Crazy Alice (Cowboys (1972)
  • Candy (David Carradine)
  • Raider (Charles Starrett)
  • Whiskey (Kirk Douglas)
  • Bad Jim (Billy The Kid)
  • Feather (Allan Lane)
  • Flash (Eddie Dean)
  • Traveler (Robert Fulle)
  • Silver (The Lone Ranger)
  • Henry (John Wayne)
  • Pardner (Buddy Roosevelt)
  • Thunderhead (Mary O’hara)
  • Scar (James Stewart)

Other Famous Cowboy Horse Names

  • Red Fox (Jesse James)
  • Bingo (Don Durant)
  • Sonny (Wild Bill Elliott)
  • Pie (James Stewart)
  • Mesquite (Allan Rocky Lane)
  • Pal (Bob Allen)
  • Stormy (Wild Bill Elliott)
  • Trigger (Roy Rogers)
  • Duke (John Wayne)
  • Tex (Daniel Reed)
  • Sweetheart (Stagecoach)
  • Old Thunder (Gregory Peck)
  • Phantom (Roy Rogers)
  • Koko (Rex Allen)
  • Silver Cloud (Hardy Murphy)
  • Dice (Gregory Peck)
  • Gipsy (Martin Kiss)
  • Sugar (Don Murray)
  • Falcon (Buster Crabbe)
  • Knight (Rod Cameron)
  • Dynamite (Zorro)
  • Taco (Chito Rafferty)
  • Sunshine(Bill Patton)
  • Zane(Bob Steele)
  • Silver (Buck Jones)
  • El Loaner (James Garner)
  • Apache (Lash Larue)
  • Amigo (Peter Brown)
  • Apache (Bob Baker)
  • Scout (Jack Hoxie)
  • Buttermilk (Dale Evans)
  • Diablo (Cisco Kid)
  • Cactus (Sunset Carson)
  • Starlight (Tim Mccoy)
  • Old Dollar (John Wayne)
  • Target (Annie Oakley)
  • Zip Cochise (John Wayne)

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