72+ Best Boy Dog Names Ending in “Y”

If you are looking for the dog name Ending in “Y” for your dog ? You came to the right place.

Cool Boy Dog Names Ending in “Y”

  •    Bailey – popular dog’s name meaning “berry clearing” or “bailiff.”
  •     Ziggy – can be short for Sigmund, means “victorious defender” in German.
  •     Diggory – means “astray” in Old English. Can also be after the Hufflepuff heartthrob in Harry Potter, Cedric Diggory.
  •     Anthony – “highly praiseworthy” in Old English.
  •     Zachary – “remembered by God” in Hebrew.
  •     Harvey – from Old English meaning “blazing” or “iron.”
  •     Tyrone – “king” in Greek.
  •     Kennedy – is Anglicized Gaelic that means “helmeted chief.”
  •     Jay – is an English name meaning “to rejoice.”
  •     Rudy – “famed wolf” in German. Very apt for a dog.
  •     Buddy – means a friend, a common dog name.
  •     Finnley – in Irish it means “fair warrior.”
  •     Guy – Anglicization of a Hebrew name that means “ravine.”
  •     Freddy – “peaceful ruler” in German.
  •     Humphrey – is another old-fashioned and old sounding name. However, it means “peaceful warrior” with Normanic and Germanic origins.
  •     Grey – “grey haired” in English.
  •     Sammy – “sun child” in Hebrew.
  •     Cody – means “helper.” A very apt name for a working dog.
  •     Coby – from Hebrew, meaning “God will protect.”
  •     Brody – from Old English words aelf “elf” and raed “counsel.”
  •     Tyler – an occupational name for a tile maker or brick layer in English.
  •     Huxley – Old English meaning “from Hugh’s meadow.”
  •     Kirby – “dark son” in Gaelic.
  •     Darcy – is a French surname that means “person from Arcy.” However, if you’re a Pride and Prejudice fan, perhaps you can call your dog Mr. Darcy”.
  •     Casey – Gaelic meaning “watchful” or “vigilant.”
  •     Quincy – this is a Latin baby name that means “five.” If you get the 5th pup in a litter, you can give him this name.
  •     Harry – means “estate ruler” in German. Or perhaps after the dashing Prince Harry of the UK.
  •     Kingsley – “from the king’s meadow” in English.
  •     Lucky – you were so lucky to find this dog.
  •     Ray – has Norman origins, meaning “king”.
  •     Sully – in English it means “south meadow.”
  •     Sidney – means “wide island” in English.
  •     Toby – this name comes from Tobias which in Hebrew means “God is Yahweh.”
  •     Dusty – perhaps he likes to roll around in the dust? Also means “brave soldier” in English.
  •     Brady – means “slow” in Greek, so perhaps the Gaelic meaning, “spirited,” is better.
  •     Ramsay – has a Scottish origin, meaning, “ram’s island.” Does your dog have a temper?
  •     Terry – has old Germanic origins, meaning “powerful or ruler of the people.”

Amazing Boy Dog Names Ending in “Y”

  •   Ozzy – English for “divine power.”
  •     Joey – surprisingly has a Hebrew origin. It means “may Jehova increase.”
  •     Murphy – means “potato.” A good choice if you have one of those pooches who park themselves on your couch the whole day.
  •     Gregory – “watchful and alert.”
  •     Chevy – in French, it means “horseman or knight.”
  •     Mickey – Hebrew for “gift of God.” All dogs are gifts. Don’t forget to check out our article on Disney dog names as well.
  •     Jimmy – “supplanter” in Hebrew.
  •     Kerry – is the name given to the “descendants of Ciar” in Ireland.
  •     Troy – an Irish name meaning “soldier.”
  •     Jeremy – in Hebrew it means “exalted of the Lord.”
  •     Rocky – after the boxer played by Sylvester Stallone in the movie with the same title.
  •     Randy – “house wolf, protector” in English. Another worthy name for a beloved pet.
  •     Cappy – meaning captain.
  •     Emery – does not sound like a boy’s name but means “brave or powerful” in German.
  •     Berkeley – an Old English for birch leaf.
  •     Everly – has Saxon roots meaning “boar field.”
  •     Benny – “son of my right hand” in Hebrew.
  •     Timothy – “honoring God” in Greek.
  •     Kelly – “bright-headed” in Irish.
  •     Murray – “seafarer” in Irish Muireb.
  •     Perry – from Middle English meaning “pear tree.”
  •     Finnegan – “little fair one” in Irish.
  •     Barney – “strong as a bear” in English. A great choice for strong or large dogs.
  •     Ricky – “powerful, strong ruler” in English.
  •     Gary – “hard or bold spear” in English.
  •     Kenny – means “handsome” in Scottish.
  •     Oakley – “from the oak tree” in English.
  •     Stanley – means “dweller near a stony clearing” in Old English.
  •     Harley – “meadow” in English.
  •     Henry – this is actually Prince Harry’s real name. It means “hero” in German.
  •     Montgomery – has Norman origins and means “manpower.”
  •     Bobby – in German it means “bright or shining.” Ideal for yellow-colored dogs.
  •     Rodney – “island near the clearing” in English.
  •     Remy – Latin for “oar.”
  •     Bradley – in Old English it means “broad clearing in the wood.”
  •     Shivaay – “Lord Shiva” in Indian.
  •     Roy – a Normans name that means “king.”
  •     Jerry – “may Jehova be exalted” in Hebrew.

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