84+ Cute Female Dog Names with Meanings

If you are looking for the cute female dog name for your dog  ? You came to the right place.

Best Female Dog Names with Meanings

  • Pique (Stimulates interest or curiosity)
  •     Maple (A popular tree; flavor of maple syrup or maple sugar)
  •     Kira (Male name that means “dark” in Gaelic)
  •     Millie (German for “labor” or “strength”)
  •     Jet (Quick and swift, just like a jet)
  •     Kai (rejoice)
  •     Phoenix (A dog that is uniquely remarkable in some respect)
  •     Dauntless (Brave, fearless, and bold)
  •     Dandy (Stylish, neat, and fashionable in appearance)
  •     Sabine (Female name of Latin origin)
  •     Fargo (Does your dog love the snow? This is a great name for a snow dog.)
  •     Dumpster (Trash receptacle)
  •     Kiesha (Means “aliv e and well”)
  •     Spirit (Otherwise known as the “soul”)
  •     Dylan (A Welsh male name)
  •     Suki (Female name which means “to like” in Japanese)
  •     Hershey (Sweet and Brown, just like the chocolate)
  •     Giselle (German for “hostage” or “pledge”)
  •     Tass (To play with)
  •     Tyle (Means “tile maker”)
  •     Reba (Hebrew for “to tie”)
  •     Gia (Short for “Giana”, “Giada”, “Gian”)
  •     Jello (Jelly-like and sweet)
  •     Nike (Not the shoe company, the Greek goddess of victory!)
  •     Sharpie (Cunning and sly)
  •     Jewell (Variation of “jewel”, a precious stone)
  •     Mojo (Magical charm or spell)
  •     Loki (A mischievous and sometimes evil god)
  •     Matthias (This is the name of the Disciple who replaced Judas Iscariot.)
  •     Ticker (Anything or something that ticks, like a watch or the heart)
  •     Monster (Of extraordinary and daunting size)
  •     Topaz (For a dog with dark yellow fur, just like the precious stone)
  •     Komet (Variation of “comet”, celestial object)
  •     Dahlia (If your pup has a flowery personality, this is a great name.)
  •     Shiloh (The historic site of a major Civil War battle in Tennessee)
  •     Cusp (An end where two curves meet)
  •     Dakota (Great and unbeatable fighter)
  •     Eskimo (Inhabitants of the circumpolar region)
  •     Gertrude (Means “spear maiden”)
  •     Starlight (The light that is emitted by stars)
  •     Rayne (Female name that means “queen” in French)
  •     Lilac (A dainty flower of pale pinkish-violet color)

Fantastic Female Dog Names with Meanings

  •  Daze (A dog who gets people in a state of stunned confusion or bewilderment)
  •     Isis (Greek goddess of fertility)
  •     Parable (A simple story used to illustrate a moral or spiritual lesson)
  •     Taffy (Chewy candy that is similar to toffee)
  •     Stavos (Name for an elegant male dog)
  •     Genevieve (Means “woman of the people” (rather, “woman of the dogs”))
  •     Lime (Can be a white caustic alkaline substance or a rounded citrus fruit)
  •     Sabre (A very sharp bladeDuplex Something made up of two parts)
  •     Pudding (I think of chocolate pudding and a chocolate colored dog.)
  •     Fudgey (Soft and sweet)
  •     Tobiah (Hebrew word for “God is good”)
  •     Dragon (A fire-breathing mythical monster)
  •     Gadget (Go Go Gadget.)
  •     Karma (Destiny or fate)
  •     Cricket (That little insect that makes a characteristic rhythmical chirping sound)
  •     Xerxes (Persian king; also known as Xerxes the Great)
  •     Cupcake (Small, colorful, and sweet cakes)
  •     Jezebel (This could be a naughty doggie.)
  •     Eagle (Possessing keen senses)
  •     Termite (An insect that feeds on wood)
  •     Miko (A female shaman or priestess)
  •     Quark (A dog that is able to roll into a tiny ball)
  •     S (Can be short for “Sy” or “Sey”)
  •     Ophelia (Greek for “help” or “aid”)
  •     Sprinkles (Another sweet name for a sweet dog. Perhaps your pup has unusual spots.)
  •     Taz (As in the Tazmanian Devil.)
  •     Prophet (Speaker for God or a deity)
  •     Zypher (A soft or gentle breeze)
  •     Dino (Short for “dinosaur”)
  •     Juniper (An evergreen shrub or tree)
  •     Exodus (Mass departure)
  •     Granite (Something very hard and impenetrable)
  •     Mya (Greek for “mother” or “great one”)
  •     Gasper (Slang for cigarette)
  •     Skye (Female name of Norse origin meaning “cloud”)
  •     Juno (The most important goddess of the Roman state, wife of Jupiter)
  •     Koi (There is something fishy about this name, but I just can’t put my finger on it.)
  •     Spigs (Something that is very big)
  •     Tick (A small parasite that sucks blood)
  •     Jayla (American name for a girl)
  •     Zulu (A member of a South African people)
  •     Sprite (An elf or fairy)
  •     Jade (Bad-tempered or disreputable female)
  •     Suede (For a dog with unusual coloring.)
  •     Opal (A gemstone of varying colors)
  •     Gideon (Hebrew for “mighty warrior”)
  •     Dandelion (A pesky weed of the daisy family)
  •     Funky (The 60s term for “cool”)
  •     Iris (Another name for a dog with a flowery personality.)
  •     Spencer (Means “someone who gives out goods”)
  •     Guinevere (The beautiful wife of King Arthur and mistress of Lancelot)
  •     Teddy (Means “gift of God” amy also refer to anything soft and fluffy, like the Teddy Bear)
  •     Desert (Worthiness or entitlement to reward or punishment)
  •     Pup (Young dog; short for “puppy”)
  •     Nikita (Greek name for “unconquered”)
  •     Reiko (Female name that means “courteous child” in Japanese)
  •     Dante ( ’ Latin for “enduring” or “obstinate”)
  •     Ishtar (Babylonian and Assyrian goddess of love and war)
  •     Solomon (Very wise)

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