97+ Trendy Korean Dog Names

We have  best collection of the over 97 trendy korean dog name ideas for your puppy. Here you can find the name ideas for any taste. Happy searching!

Best  Korean Dog Names

  •     Gojo (This name is inspired by the first ever kingdom of Korea)
  •     Gureum (cloud)
  •     Seoul (This name is inspired by the capital of South Korea.)
  •     Hak-Kun (a person with literary roots, like a scholar)
  •     Chin-Sun (someone who appreciates goodness and truthfulness)
  •     Geon (strength)
  •     Chung Cha (noble)
  •     Hae (ocean)
  •     Daeshim (the greatest mind)
  •     Jashik (child)
  •     Su-Won (to defend or protect)
  •     Seulgi (wisdom)
  •     Incheon (kind river)
  •     Chun-Hei (grace and justice)
  •     Kuri (copper)
  •     Yun (lotus flower)
  •     Hae-Won (a beautiful garden)
  •     So-Hui (splendid)
  •     Suwon (The name of a Korean metropolis)
  •     Jae-Hee (shining)
  •     Ji-a (wisdom and knowledge)
  •     In-Su (preserving wisdom)
  •     Nam-Sun (honest and pure)
  •     Darangee (A rural area known for its eye-catching rice terraces)
  •     Jong-Seok (great and eminent)
  •     Hayan (pale or white)
  •     Min-Ho (heroic and brave)
  •     Yong (brave)
  •     Baram (wind)
  •     Mee (beautiful)
  •     Ye-Jin (valuable and precious)
  •     Tae-Hui (big or great)
  •     Woong (magnificence)
  •     Cho (handsome)

Other Amazing Korean Dog Names

  •     Hea ( grace)
  •     Joon (immense talent)
  •     Hwan (bright)
  •     Dae (greatness)
  •     Baek (brother)
  •     Hye (wisdom and intelligence)
  •     U-Yeong (glory and honor)
  •     Dong (East)
  •     Mishil (a beautiful kingdom)
  •     Jeju (This short name is inspired by an exotic island in Korea.)
  •     Haneul (heavenly)
  •     Mi Kyong (beauty and brightness)
  •     Hei-Ran (a graceful orchid)
  •     Beom (a model or a pattern)
  •     Mongsil-i (fluffy like a cloud)
  •     Ae-Cha (a loving daughter)
  •     Gaeul (autumn)
  •     Danbi (to welcome rain)
  •     Chul (neither hard nor soft)
  •     In-Na (delicate)
  •     Bae (inspiration)
  •     Kwan (strong)
  •     Dasom (love)
  •     Dak-Ho (a deep lake)
  •     Bong (name of a mythical bird)
  •     Mi Sun (a combination of beauty and goodness)
  •     Hyeon (virtuous)
  •     Upo (The name of an exotic destination located near Nakdong River)
  •     Yeo (mildness)
  •     Eun (silver)
  •     Hoe (A name inspired by a Korean dish)
  •     Ho-Sook (clear lake)
  •     Hwan (bright and shining)
  •     Nun-i (snow)
  •     Du-Hu (goodness)
  •     Haru (day)
  •     Busan (A big South Korean city)
  •     Bomi (springtime)
  •     Bitna (shining)
  •     Joo (jewel)
  •     Jung (righteous)
  •     Mi-Hi (beautiful and joyful)
  •     Areum (beauty)
  •     Yu-Na (to endure)
  •     Jum (king)
  •     Hyuk (radiant)
  •     Hyun (intelligent and bright)
  •     Bong-Cha (the ultimate girl)
  •     Horang-i (tiger)
  •     Mi-Cha (a beautiful girl)
  •     Soo (noble, kind, and charitable)
  •     Eui (righteousness)
  •     Sagwa (apple)
  •     Yu-Jin (precious)
  •     Hyun Shik (smart, brilliant, and clever)
  •     Gi (brave)
  •     Gi (brave)
  •     Sung (successor)
  •     Hudu (walnut)
  •     Min (clever, quick-minded, and responding)
  •     Boram (worthy or valuable)
  •     Bon-Hwa (glorious)
  •     Gook (nation)
  •     Hoon (teaching)
  •     Chin (precious)
  •     Iseul (dew)

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