Sursi the Golden Retriever Mixed with St. Bernard and Hip Dysplasia

My family and I have had our dog for quite some time now, sad to say I don’t know her age… She is an adult though. My Sursi is a Golden Retriever mixed with a St. Bernard. I know a lot of people are against it, but she is an outside dog, and we have her dog house on our patio, and her chain is attached to her dog house. She is always really energetic, and when we come home at any time, she get’s up and runs towards the garage and jumps. I have not seen it happen, but she has hurt her leg somehow, and I don’t know if that is the issue. I know there is a high chance, but there are no bruises or marks from the chain. She limps all the time and she doesn’t like to use her leg a lot, and she has a hard time getting up and sitting down on her bed.

What do you think?

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