Top 25+ Classic Italian Female Cat Names With Meanings

The name of an animal is, first of all, a word that your pet will respond to. When choosing a name for a furry, keep in mind that you will have to use it at least twice a day, and often much more. Therefore, it is important to choose a pleasant-sounding and non-irritating nickname that will emphasize the characteristics of your pet.

Everybody dreams to visit Italy. Why? Because its culture is lively and colorful, its cuisine is the best in the world, its history is ancient and counts thousands of years. That`s why Italian cat names are so popular. Would you like to give your kitten a classic Italian cat name? Then, you`re in the right place now!

  • Bianca – White.
  • Ammiro – Translated as “I admire”.
  • Donatella – Beautiful star.
  • Callisto – Most beautiful.
  • Amara – Everlasting.
  • Ottavia – Born eighth.
  • Pia – Pious.
  • Adrina – Happiness.
  • Stella – Star.
  • Alba – Meaning dawn.
  • Albina – White skinned.
  • Evangelina – Bringer of good news.
  • Angelina – Little angel.
  • Quorra – Heart.
  • Carlotta – Strong.
  • Bambi – Child.
  • Alda – Long lived.
  • Valentina – Vigorous, powerful.
  • Aurelia – Golden.
  • Italia – Italy!
  • Florentina – Flower.
  • Zola – Ball of earth.
  • Olympia – From Olympus.
  • Lucia – Light.
  • Camilla – Unblemished character.
  • Torta – Italian cake.
  • Prima – First born.
  • Farfalle – Butterfly.
  • Uffa – An Italian sigh of distress.

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